Our company is located in Värmland,

  one of the areas of Sweden, with the highest density of forests, lakes, moose and wolves

and in close proximity to Lake Vänern,

Glaskogen nature reserve, Dalsland - Nordmarkens

lake system and Dalsland Canal.

We have years of experience in the areas of teamwork, survival, first aid, climbing and abseiling and have a relevant educational background.

We welcome children and youth groups (not younger than 8 years)  up to 24 people.

We speak German, English and Swedish !

Our courses and training activities are diverse and individually customizable. They contain both comprehensive multi-day  courses or theme-limited project days.

We can offer you the following courses

(one-or multi-day):

- Survival Training (from "light" to "extreme")

- Team-building processes

- Adventure Education

- Project days

- School trips,

- Youth group trips

- Tourguiding content specific courses such as orienteering with map, compass and GPS, first aid, emergency in  nature, to make a fire under difficult conditions, etc...

- Climbing and abseiling