It's not all witchcraft!

Hello, my name is Michael Günter and I belong to Survival Center Svaneholm HB.

First something basic about outdoor activities: In the meantime, this area has become completely

isolated and complicated in many areas. This also has to do with the fact that there are more and

more lunatics in this area who sometimes make themselves important with the craziest things.

Outdoor activities are actually intended for recreation, you can relax and recharge your

batteries and be in the "free nature". In the meantime, however, we are seeing that many

people are putting themselves under such pressure, massively overestimating

their own abilities, and suffering from an "equipment mania" that somehow this can no longer

have anything to do with rest and relaxation.

Take the following example:

Two customers who want to do a 5-7 day tour explain that a 2-seater touring kayak is unfortunately

out of the question for them because they couldn't stow the equipment for 5-7 days in it.

Well, considering that Hannes Lindemann had already paddled from Europe to America in

72 days in a 2-seater Klepper folding boat in 1956, or that Herbert Rittlinger had made

expeditions worldwide (e.g. crossing the Amazon), such statements are a bit strange.

Or the classic fire steel.

The hype about an industrially manufactured product that "must" be bought separately for

use outside in order to make a fire there. A lot of people have to be very brave now, but a

lighter and matches are just industrially manufactured items that are usually much more effective.

(Try lighting a candle with a fire steel.)

Whatever the case, this thread is just intended to show you how things work and how you can

help yourself to be able to carry out outdoor tours at low cost. It is our contribution to the

give and take of information on the Internet.