Equipment list




on this page I would like to give you an insight into the equipment you need when you go on a tour in Sweden.

The equipment should always be as simple as possible and take into account the supply of spare parts if necessary.

Some items I refer to used military objects, as these are much cheaper to buy.

First, you should get a first aid kit.

This is always very important!

About personal equipment:

A simple dinnerware is actually indispensable. It should be simple in use, sturdy and cheap. You should pay attention that it has a wide support surface and is easy to clean.

Cutlery ... a fork, a spoon and a good knife

A mug, preferably made of hard plastic (resistant) and optimally with 300 to 400 ccm capacity. Background is, that most outdoor meals need this amount of water to be prepared.

Drink bottle ... here a simply empty PET beverage bottle is sufficient.

  Two 1-liter PET bottles have proven their worth. Do not waste your money.

A "proper" beverage bottle is often difficult to clean. This creates a kind of algae formation and thus a greasy coat develops in the bottle neck. Also, one should note that many drink bottles do not tolerate all kinds of fluids

Stoves are a vexing issue. Do not let yourself be misled  in some outdoor stores. A simple gas-or spirit cooker or a so-called Hobo cooker are always sufficient.

Such a gas cooker should not cost more than 20 €.

Sleeping bag .... the sleeping bag should be big enough for you to turn around in it.

In European areas and from May to September

are models that can be opened and used as a large blanket beneficial. As a couple you have the possibility to make a joint sleeping bag by connecting both sleeping bags via zipper.

This in turn is also very handy for parents with small children.

A very simple sleeping bag made of synthetic fibers (dries fast) in combination with an inlett has proven to be very good.

If you are always feeling too cold... you can also sew a very good inlet for your sleeping bag from a simple fleece blanket.

A sleeping bag cover or bivy sack is definitely a very meaningful thing.

It protects the sleeping bag against the weather (humidity, drizzle, wind) and provides a warm air cushion between the sleeping bag and the outside world (onion system).

It should be made of Goretex resp. breathable material so you do not wake up in the morning in your own condensation water.

It should also have loops or draw-in pockets on the back, through which the sleeping mat can be passed.

So you do not wake up in the morning next to your sleeping mat.

Sleeping mat ... my clear favorite is the one of the Dutch army. It is 18mm thick, extremely sturdy and equipped with 2 metal eyelets at the end and proper bands to tie it together. Used for less than 20 €.

Poncho or tarp ... I still have a simple BW poncho with me on my tours.

It is extremely stable, has good eyelets and is easy to put on in the boat when it rains.

Moreover, it can very well be used as an underlay.

Considering Tarps it is sensible to pay attention,

that they have good eyelets for tensioning of ropes.

Cotton or synthetics is a matter of faith, with cotton being more care-intensive.

Personally, I prefer a tent canvas, it is universally applicable.

Tent ... this is also a special theme.

  Basically every simple domed tent, with a min. water column of 1000mm, is sufficient enough and doesn`t cost you more than 50 €.

The question is always how long does it hold? (2-3 years for sure!)

We prefer lavvu tents because they can be heated with a tent oven.

Before you buy an expensive tent you should have spent some time outdoors.

There is nothing more stupid, than all those `specialist` who buy a 650 € tent and set it up in the wind direction of the camp fire. Just to be surprised the next morning that they have big holes in the tent, by singled sparks.

Rain gear is actually the nuts and bolts. It should be breathable and sturdy. It is windproof (important) and has a good use if it does not rain.

  If you also wear a fiber fur jacket and trousers or a jogging suit under this rainwear, you will not have any problems even in winter.