Östervallskog/Björkenäs to Årjäng

Kayak-/Canoe tour from Östervallskog/Björkenäs to Årjäng


Distance: ca 90 km


Duration: 5 days


This tour takes you from Björkenäs (Östervallskog) to Årjäng, from below Töcksfors crossing large lakes.


The road leads through the Östen, the Töck, the Foxen and finally the Lelång via Gustavfors in the Västra Silen


On this tour, it is wise to look at the weather report for the planned time and pay attention to the wind direction.


Unfortunately it is way overcrowded a bit within the main holiday season.


Unusual features:


In Töcksfors you will have to carry the boat over land outside the season. (About 2 km on a street.)


Groups of more than 5 persons must use the Dano resting places!


Here is a map with all resting places, coordinates, description and pictures.




You can buy red nature conservation card online or at these locations:


Töcksfors Turistbyrå


Dals-Ed Turistbyrå


Årjäng Turistbyrå


Bengtfors Turistbyrå


Åmåls Turistbyrå

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